ddugoff standoff
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ddugoff standoff

The ddugoff standoff:

Is an intro for some, and a celebration to others, of the new kid on the block, Daniel Dugoff-ddugoff standoff.

Ever meet someone who makes you think, wow you are way too smart to be doing this? But then you remind yourself that it takes serious raw gray matter to create collection after collection, year after year, and sell it on top of everything else. The standoff part of ddugoff standoff  is mostly a rhyming mechanism for the sake of a catchy title, then there is a certain dichotomy within the brand. On face value, Ddugoff is a cool collection for young, chill as fuck guys, but when speaking to Daniel about his pieces, he is actually thinking much older.


You see the Ddugoff guy is older. Maybe he is on his second marriage. Maybe he is trying to recapture his youth.  And maybe he needs something that will take him from his day with the kids to the evening with his new lady, whom he met off the internet. In that way, the brand has a witty backstory that can only be described as charming.

But don’t be alienated! If you’re still on your first marriage, and in your youth, Ddugoff is still pretty dope. You’d have to be pretty clever if you’re going to catch the eye of Saager Dilawri, owner of Vancouver’s ultra cool shop Neighbour. Dilawri is responsible for bringing Comme Des Garcons, Margaret Howell, Sunspel to the good people of the Canadian West Coast.


So Fussie and I went to meet Daniel at his studio in the CFDA Incubator space. It was take your cat to work day. Fussie was going anyway because his other daddy is also an Incubator designer. So I sat down with DD and chose a look that would suit my tricky frame. I also did want to destroy by Fussie’s turbulent mood swings.

ddugoff standoffI chose the merino wool, waffle knit tracksuit. You have failed yourself thus far if you have never been swaddled in merino to this degree.  I was devastated to return the t-shirt worn underneath… It’s a soft woolen job in blue plaid and can only be described as frope (that’s fresh and dope). Over that is the softest corduroy jacket since the teddy bear, the one in green overalls got lost in the 1968 calamitous book Corduroy. And finally, I chose the emerald green hat because it brings out my eyes.

The ddugoff standoff is a far too abbreviated but charming journey of layering tops and knitwear. The sneakers are Prada- but everything else can be purchased here. ddugoff standoff- #thefropeness


-ddugoff standoff- #thefropeness

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