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What the eff is an Integratron?

01I’m so super glad you asked. It’s a spaceship in the Mojave desert. And when I say spaceship I should clarify that it was built by a guy but it was project managed by extraterrestrials or ETs. The Integratron.


These ETs found a willing man, took him up in their ship and gave him plans to build an age-reversing space ship such that he might live forever. He died 25 years later. BUT! His crazy AF spaceship, or Integratron, survived and is officially one of the best of the crazy shit that exists out there.


Now you ask, what does one do besides pose next to the ship like a dick? Good question! One takes a sound bath. Again! What the eff is a sound bath. In the dome, about 30 people crowd in and lay down in what is described as the mouth of a trumpet. The way the room is shaped, you can stand on one side and whisper to someone on the other side of the room and hear them perfectly. For the longest time, I thought God was talking about rough sex he had at the hotel last night, but it turned out to be my friend Vince. The acoustics are disorienting.


As we laid down, an elderly hippie plays giant singing bowls made from quartz. So for 40 mins we were bathed in this very particular sound, in this very particular room, on several axises of a particular electrical power source all at the meeting point of 3 underground streams. What does all this mean? I’m now 75 years younger, give or take.


So what did I wear and what did my assistant, Lisa Ashley-Madison Kihara wear? We skewed Peruvian hard.  My shoes are from Soludos, and my shorts are from a Peruvian street market. The denim shirt is Polo Ralph Lauren whereas the sunnies are RL Purple Label. The dress on Lisa Ashley-Madison Kihara is also Peruvian but from Barney’s New York.

The long and short of it is- this place is bonkers, and I Want To Believe! And here for more info on the Integraton.

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