Halloween Costume: Amanda Knox
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Halloween Costume: Amanda Knox

“Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I… Am… You…” 

-Mandy Knox

Halloween is finally here! And on Monday no less. Speaking of inconvenience, we had to come up with a Halloween Costume, and it needed to be fun and playful and timely. Welcome to; Halloween Costume: Amanda Knox!

Okay, so the contact lenses in the first image are pretty clumsy, and the sweater is not 100 per cent, but this is my first time in drag. As for my choice of the first lady, I would ever impersonate? We think for a Halloween Costume: Amanda Knox is a good start. She is simple and terribly controversial.


Clearly, she is innocent. I don’t think any rational person thinks otherwise, but it is a good story. An American girl goes to Italy to study abroad; her roommate is violently murdered, and the local police need to crucify someone for the sake of a demanding public. Then the media gets involved. They shape the story- influence the police and an American girl with ‘shifty eyes’ gets convicted.


Who is the real villain of this story? I think it’s fair to say that Nick Pisa of the British tabloid the Sun is pretty obviously at fault (see transcript below.) The man is absurd! A healthy combination of British, Italian, and tabloid ‘news’ reporter sleaze. Not a guy you’d ever want to depend on. I’m hoping my general casual look will accurately reference- Halloween Costume: Amanda Knox

But what to wear! And what role does Fussie play!? Why the murderer of course. Whoever that may be. That’s why he’s not wearing a costume. He didn’t know what to dress up as. Bit I’m wearing a thick pink cashmere sweater from Erdus and Twilight Zone jeans, special thanks to Jacques Isaac. The shoes are from Zara, and the knife is from the kitchen drawer.


So Foxxy Knoxy- if you’re reading this. We love you and your eyes. Halloween Costume: Amanda Knox!!

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