Comic Sands
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Comic Sands

Comic Sands- Get it? It’s a font gag.

The name of the font in comic strips is called Comic Sans (sans mean without a serif (click here for more info on serifs) and the sands part comes from the desert. It’s mildly cute so don’t over think it. Here is Comic Sands!

1So okay, you’re probably going- is this like a Noxzema commercial or what? But I actually have a way normal life for a teenaged girl (for help with this reference look here). A herd of gays and me (accompanied by Lulu from craft services and Lisa-Rochelle the 2nd production assistant) went into the desert to make Comic Sands! Sans Fussie… He hates sand and loves a serif.
This desert is crazy! Alright, calm down, it’s called Joshua Tree or J-Tree and if you’re from that part of the world, its a right of passage to do hallucinogens for the first time in J-Tree. It’s stupid beautiful, looks like Mars and when the sun starts to set you actually feel like your trapped in an Instagram filter. Literally, did everything just go toaster-toned?


So my boi Brandon (boi is the gay version of boy) took the shots. He got bored real quick. The whole team had a pretty short attention span for me, which is cool, I just won’t write them a recommendation. But Bran, that’s what we call Brandon, along with Baby Bran, BB, Buba, Poodle, Kitten, or Cum Pig, was takin’ the pics and they (click here for information on the correct usage of LGBT pronouns) did a really good job. They is a great photographer.


Anyway! What did I wear for Comic Sands!? The espadrilles are from Soludos and the trousers are from a thrift store in the bad part of Miami. The shirt is Sleepy Jones and the belt is Prada, which I have been trying to figure out for 6 solid months. It was an impulse buy with mother at Saks. She was checking out and it was the closest thing in reach to toss on the pile without getting noticed. And the Sunnies are Mykita #chic.


From J-Tree back to NYC, missing life in the desert already. (Cactus emoji, Cactus emoji, Cactus emoji) Peace! Special thanks to: Brandon Davis, DJ Lulu Robinson, Lisa-Ashley Madison Kihara and the rest of the gays- big love to Allison Caporaso the once and future West Coast Editor to Mr. Fussie.

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