When I Lived on an Ashram
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When I Lived on an Ashram

‘When I Lived on an Ashram’ is my new favorite phrase. Try me; I can work it into any sentence.


Husband: Baby what do you want for dinner?

Me: When I Lived on an ashram we ate lentils a lot.


Friend: You’re back! Want to meet for coffee?

Me: When I Lived on an ashram we didn’t have coffee.


Mother: Will you be coming home for Thanksgiving this year?

Me: When I Lived on an ashram we didn’t celebrate such pagan holidays.

Mother: I don’t know that Thanksgiving is pagan…



See! Try it! The most important thing about living on an ashram is being able to tell everyone that I used to live on an ashram!

Okay, a few little notes- when I say ashram I suppose techinically it was a meditation center, BUT I had to wash my own clothes in a bucket! That’s right a bucket. And due to modesty rules (long sleeves and pant legs), I was wearing a lot of tracksuits. I was the only one in the meditation hall dressed in a Moschino LOVE sweatsuit.

07There was no phones, computers, cameras, or cats allowed, so we had to do this shoot when I got home, but I digress because When I Lived on an Ashram, there was no power in my tent.


So you’re dying to know, are you enlightened? Are you the next Buddha? Did you spend 11 hours a day in deep meditation getting to know the deepest parts of yourself!? Yes.

I did not do the following: spend 9 out of the 11 hours a day making up imaginary backstories of my fellow meditators, or sneak in an e-cigarette, or keep a pen to jot down notes which is strictly AMA or against meditators advisement, OR create a figmental  relationship with a lovely golden haired young man that ended is aggressive heartache (on his part, not mine- HE was getting too clingy). I just sat and meditated.


So for our recreation, Fussie wanted to remain nude as if he were a flower child at Woodstock however, I leaned into the bohemia of Missoni.  The bell bottom jeans are from St. John (a middle aged women’s brand that understands my complex curves), the t-shirt is Missoni, the cardigan is Marc Jacobs Collection, the scarf belt is from Etro and the bandana is Levis.  The gold spike earring is Alexis Bittar, and the rest of the jewelry is family heirloom/junk stuff. The AMAZING scarf of Fussie, husband and me is a bespoke masterpiece by Silken Favors and given to be by MEGA FAN Lisa-Eliza Kihara.

As Naomi Cambell says, “Love and light.” -Fuss & Me.


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