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Oprah Style Part One

Oprah Style: Part One is a celebration of a woman who has been, maybe inappropriately, inspirational to us. She started out with nothing, and now she is the most powerful woman in the world (until next November when Hillary becomes president). Oprah Style: Part One is Fussie, who is playing Gayle for these purposes.  This is our humble little way of saying thank you.


5So what do we have in common with Oprah? We yo-yo diet, love charity, love red, and come from sad midwestern cities that have died. But we still insist on defending them. And we have smoked cocaine to get guys to like us! Forgive the source and the ‘smoked cocaine’ part- those are her words, not mine. Also, we were both asked to leave the Hermes store in Paris; however, only one of us was actually trying to shoplift. JK?


3Then there is the Gayle part. Fussie might seem like an unlikely Gayle King comparison, but hear me out. Fussie is my best friend; I support him. I have given him a job, and he lives in my house. Now before you say that this is a one-sided relationship, I would like to point out that Fussie is ingenious on his own.  He just learned to use the toilet (that is true), and he is inspirational! Is he my secret lover? No. Again, same as Gayle.

2What Am I wearing to capture Oprah Style: Part One? For one thing, Oprah and I have slightly different coloring. Where she can ‘slay the house down in red’ to quote the drag queens, I am more of a beige guy. But I would not be doing Oprah any justice if I did not get into her signature color. From the floor up, the X mandels are Gucci. The woolen trousers are Maison Margiela as is the boat neck sweater, which is very Oprah style. The t-shirt is from the Gap, which I stole from my dad. The earrings are Marni, and the coat is from Topshop.

4God bless you, Oprah. You have given SO much! More to come on Oprah Style! Just waiting for some clothes to come in the mail from Alibaba.


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