The Comedian's Wardrobe
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The Comedian’s Wardrobe

Why do comedians dress so badly? Fussie and I have been taking a stand-up class for the past few weeks as part of our ‘Summer of Conquering Fears,’ and tonight we do we do our set at the Gotham Comedy Club (as part of Manhattan Comedy School). But one thing has plagued us from the beginning, why does everyone dress so badly? So we’ve taken a look at some of our favorites and created The Comedian’s Wardrobe.
There are some rules on the Comedian’s Wardrobe as passed down by my teacher, Karen Bergreen. Karen has been in the biz forever, and she told us, no ‘funny‘ t-shirts, don’t wear a white top as it will wash you out and women should not dress too sexy because it’s distracting. She went on to say, “not too formal and not too sloppy.”

Fair enough. One wouldn’t want the outfit to over power the set, but there must be a happy medium. It can’t just be a super messy college student, late for class, and models stomping the runway at fashion week. We need the sweet spot!!

A wise woman once said, ‘what to wear for when it’s not fashion week, but it’s also not-not fashion week’ That wise woman is Leandra Medine of the She was referring to a pair of Rachel Comey jeans, but it says so much more about personal presentation. Do comedians not know/care? Those of us in the audience can find the Comedian’s Wardrobe distracting in a bad way. 
Karen’s rules are totally fair; these rules are from a seasoned professional who knows what she is talking about. She when she does a set, she keeps it Ann Taylor fundamental as her set is about being an overwhelmed mom. But these guys! With cargo shorts, crocs, and filthy visors! It’s like a Louis CK thing where you have to look like life has beaten you down, and this is the best you could muster. NO GOOD!

So Fussie and I, before we take the stage tonight are going to do things a little differently (PS Fussie is not coming, the light would terrify him past the point of no return). We will wear Tod’s driving loafers, fitted raw denim Dior jeans and a Sunspel sweater- simple chic. Like if JFK were going sailing, but had to do five minutes, before jumping on the boat at Hyannis Port.

My set starts at 9:30 pm tonight and is at the Gotham Comedy Club- make reservations here. And if you think I’m annoying- my classmates are actually hilarious!!

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  • Alex says: July 18, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Can’t wait! I bet you’re hilarious in person

    • Fussie says: July 20, 2016 at 2:30 am

      Thanks Alex! Yes I am. My humor translates to nearly everything I do…


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