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Inspector Linen

There has been a lot of chatter lately about superheroes. So Fussie and I decided to make our own. Meet Inspector Linen! Loosely based on Inspector Gadget but Inspector Linen’s super power is staying cool when it’s hot as fuck outside. Fussie wanted to do Captin Planet, but I convinced him that that reference is too old, despite my loving the mullet.


Inspector Linen spends his days trolling Amazon Prime and watching Family Guy on Hulu. But by nights— he can be found in bed, sound asleep and cool as a cucumber. He wears a suit made of the space aged fiber linen; we think it might be on the periodic table.

Inspector Linen, like Batman has an alter ego in the winter called Cashmere ManCashmere Man needs to go into hiding during the summer however he can sometimes be seen in the autumn disguised as The Lightweight Wool Avenger.


Inspector Linen’s greatest weakness is wrinkling. This weakness is at its zenith when he sits for too long, say at brunch or trips to the cinema. He is depleted of power when he appears messy, but he can be easily regenerated by a steamer.


For Inspector Linen’s suit of armour, we hobbled together a few favorite old pieces. First is his powerful trench coat from Margaret Howell. His simple t-shirt is from Kit + Ace, and his trousers are DKNY. His sneakers are from Aureus LUX. The scarf is from Rampley & Co. London and the super powered glasses are l.a. Eyeworks!!1

We love dressing as a superhero so we might make a thing of it and it’s a pretty easy way to pull a look together and honestly, we feel a little more powerful. Feeling powerful is “a good thing,” which is the motto of another superhero, Martha Stuart! Inspector Linen’s motto is… I dunno, something about flax? Leave suggestions in comments.


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    Love the overcoat <3

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