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Urban Cowboy

Fussie and I had the spectacular opportunity to play cowboy for a day at the Urban Cowboy in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I know what you’re thinking, playing cowboy is a sex game, no? No. Just a grown-ass man and his hairless cat dressing up like faux cowboys and using words like faux.


The proprietors of the impossibly cool Urban Cowboy became friends of ours from a trip we took ages ago to the Viceroy at Sugar Beach. Jersey Banks, the stupidly sexy and chill innkeeper and Lyon Porter the owner and ‘ideas guy’ created the inn a few years ago, and have been at capacity with lodgers, weddings, and photoshoots ever since.


Like Fussie and me, they LOVE the west, from the smell in the crisp air to the to log cabins and cowboy lifestyle. Also like us, they are inspired by movies. When we think of the wild west, our mind goes straight to Brokeback Mountain whereas their’s is a little more vintage and dope. The film they worked off of, I’d have to assume is Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta. Fun fact about John Travolta, long before any of us were born he was sexy. The current JT leans more towards the fat, creepy, closeted religious zealot from Battlefield Earth.


For our authentic urban cowboy look we played it real. My boots are from John Varvatos, and my jeans are Gucci flairs. The belt is from Wallet Buckle. An accessory that finally utilizes the size of the cowboy belt buckle, and holds all that is needed for a night out, or a festival. The denim shirt is from Ralph Lauren, and the hat and blanket were plucked from the Cowboy’s personal stash. The amazing t-shirt is from Pistol Lake, made from Eudae and made from recycled plastic and the pulp of Eucalyptus trees. Honestly, it never wrinkles or shrinks and is crazy comfortable.  I was not paid to say that, it’s just a damn good product. 


We even took (staged) a bath! None of this would have been possible without the immensely talented  Maddy Talias! She also shot, Saturdays with the Kooks,  Blue Blood and the seminal 2 in the Pink: Part 2. We have been incredibly lucky to be able to drag Maddy around this city and get such great shots.


To book a room at The Urban Cowboy you can visit their website and hope for a little luck because they book up FAST!!! Also, check out the newest Cowboy in Nashville already hailed as a Banks-Porter win.

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