One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones
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One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones

It’s no secret that we are bonkers for Sleepy Jones and everything it stands for, just look here at Code-core  and our recent story for VULKAN. So when they sent us a pair of Serape jammies the gauntlet was thrown down- One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones… And yes, they needed a jolly good scrub at the end of the week.


One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones Day ONE: Fussie and I decided to just wear the shorts to try to play ball with the neighborhood kids. They never let us but god knows that doesn’t stop us from trying. The sneaks are Air Max, Shorts are Sleepy Jones, the flash dance style sweatshirt is Champion and the sweatband is from American Apparel, the sunnies are TapOut.

One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones Day TWO: On the second day we decided to lean into the hippy look we love so much (an unrequited love we might add). It was a casual day, lunch with friends, frisbee in the park- maybe a peruse of the galleries (binge watch beauty videos on YouTube). The flip flops are Havaianas, the jeans are Maison Margiela, the waffle knit shirt is from Columbia Sport and the glasses are Stella McCartney and of course the Sleepy Jones shirt. There is also an Etro bandana in there- but you can’t see it.


One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones Day THREE: On the third day we hit the ground running! It was back-to-back meetings, press days and court appointments… one or more of those is a lie. So we kept cool because it was hot- The sandals are Gucci and the coat is Margaret Howell, the bag is from Sergio Rossi and the sunglasses- which happen to be dope as fuck are Barton Perreira and you can be damn sure you’ll see these again…

One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones Day FOUR: The fourth day is pretty self-explanatory- we didn’t get out of bed. It was key to the authenticity of this post that the jammies be road tested in their intended environment. The bedding is either Frette or T.J. Maxx… We can’t remember.


One Look- Five Days- Sleepy Jones Day FIVE: And on the final day it was time for Sleepy Jones to meet the night (outside of the bedroom) It was Husband’s birthday and we had tossed together a little party at a restaurant near Seawards Park in the Lower-Lower East side… Yup, we said it. Lower-Lower East Side. To finish off this look we grabbed my fav pair of pants from husband’s collection, Charles Youssef and the shoes are Jil Sander.  Then we tossed on a #TBT best old friend. The Row backpack. The lust we had for this bag all those years ago. The yearning, the begging, the filthy things we had to do to get it! and now it bores us… C’est la vie. Nighttime Shades? Yessir’ L.A. Eyeworks– and stay tuned for that one because L.A. Eyeworks and we are about to have a massive love in.


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