l.a. Eyeworks- See the FINE Print
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l.a. Eyeworks- See the FINE Print

L.A. Eyeworks See the FINE Print: is a pretty self-indulgent post, but then again, Fussie and I have built our career on selfies. It seems pretty appropriate for us. Just to be clear, the fine reference is to Fussie, and not to me. His attitude in the following images is no representation of his feelings on the brand l.a. Eyeworks;, he is just a dick sometimes.

3ModWe were inspired by l.a. Eyeworks’ iconic ad campaign shot by Greg Gorman. Gorman’s original portraits from the 80’s and 90’s always starred off-beat characters.

For the above, we wanted to go part nerd, part candy striper. Candy stripers were teenaged girls who volunteered in hospitals; we learned this in American Horror Story- Freakshow. However, they are often portrayed as slutty, and god knows how many porno films are based on these jailbait sweethearts. Fussie and I are in Sleepy Jones boxer shorts, an EZRO shirt, and reading from the BUTT book available here.


Our next l.a. Eyeworks look for See the FINE Print is titled ‘The Struggle is Real.’ This may seem a little obtuse; but at that moment, holding the fan to get the wind in my hair, and with Fussie freaking the fuck out, the struggle WAS real. Doesn’t he look like the gremlin from Gremlins? For this look our turtleneck is from TopMan, the jeans are K-Mart Ladies Plus Size, and the Birkenstocks are from Birkenstock.


This next look is a little street punk from the 90’s. Think Larry Clark’s 1995 film Kids. But somewhat less disturbing and a little more fun due to my sad collaging skills. The compression shorts are from Amazon (Prime of course), the white technical cashmere tee is from Kit+Ace, and the jean jacket is bespoke (initially seen in our Shawshank Redemption look from late last year). Clearly Fussie has had it, officially
4Mod copy

Our next l.a. Eyeworks- See the FINE Print (reusing the title is an SEO thing if you haven’t figured it out yet) is our resort look. We were inspired by that picture of Helmut Newton in Ladies shoes. If you don’t know the pic in question, you don’t know enough about the history of fashion photography. Our straw hat was found in the kitchen one morning (we entertain a lot) and the shirt is Ralph Lauren Purple Label. We found it in a T.J. Maxx when we were in highschool, and this is the first time it’s been worn!

5Mod copy

Fortunately, Fussie calmed down a bit for this one and were able to get him into a classic pair of l.a. Eyeworks ‘quirky’ frames. The excellent people at l.a. Eyeworks are sick of the word quirky, so let’s say they are zany? Any who, this picture is styled after that guy who did loads of plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber. Upon researching him, Toby Sheldon, we learned that he died in August of 2015. This one suddenly seems in poor taste? Or let’s just say it’s an homage to a guy who was really committed to the bit.


And finally the scholastic look- or Battle Star Scholastic-ica.  Does that make any sense? Same Sleepy Jones boxer from above and a Polo Ralph Lauren cricket sweater. Worn underneath is a Creatures of Comfort striped t-shirt. We wanted to go back to our roots, which are terribly preppy. We slicked back the hair and channeled Caddyshack, another 80’s movie my brother made me watch. I never found it funny, but I was three at the time. #AmazingMovieMemory.

l.a. Eyeworks- See the FINE Print is a celebration of a brand that is enjoying a resurgence from millennials who are rediscovering it for the first time. Everyone now is so hysterical for Mykita and Illesteva but the sheer fun of l.a. Eyeworks fits in so well with the trend of ‘fun fashion‘ as seen by Moschino, Versace, Gucci and what will hopefully be the new Saint Laurent. Check out the website here

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