VETEMENTS Look for 80 Dollars Part Two
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VETEMENTS Look for 80 Dollars Part Two

God knows we HATE to beat a dead a horse! God knows we would never belabour a point- It’s just this last post about VETEMENTS Look for 80 Dollars Part Two- then we’re done, or until next season.


So from the VETEMENTS PART ONE- we attacked the Champion track suit- this DHL look is a little more nuanced. There is some grand political statement behind it which is very hard to decipher. It took figuratively forever to find the reason for the DHL t-shirt but finally in a Guardian article called, ‘Scam or subversion? How a DHL T-shirt became this year’s must-have’ the reason was made slightly more clear. The DHL t-shirt is their Campbells soup can.


There was a lot fluff about it being statement on low v. high consumerism and the most irritating from the designer himself, “It’s ugly, that’s why we like it.” A very cheap cop out for when one want to explain a political statement- sans the wherewithal.


During our research on this rant we found we were in very good company- GQ, Look Magazine, The FT, TheManRepeller, and the Daily Mail all said essentially, “I don’t get it?” and these are smart people.


But then there are the supporters… “We give existing pieces new life.” They’re worn by Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Selena Gomez.” says Lauren Cochrane in her aforementioned article in the Guardian. So… you had me at Kanye…

VETEMENTS Look for 80 Dollars Part Two

So this look retails for almost 4 large. We had to make a few adjustments on principal alone. The original has a black short sleeve shirt- Fussie and are not bouncers in a non-urban night club in Florida, so we did not know where to even begin to look for that. Also the Dr. Martins- love ’em don’t have ’em. And that’s that- All from AMAZON! VETEMENTS Look for 80 Dollars Part Two


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