Marlon Brando in Motion
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Marlon Brando in Motion

Who is your style icon? Are you a Carrie or a Charlotte? Maybe you’re a Kimmy K kind of guy? Steve McQueen, Jonny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, James Dean, Jimmy Dean? All good choices but mine is now and will always be YOUNG Marlon Brando and with the heavenly Kit + Ace we have added movement so here is Marlon Brando in Motion.


 Kit + Ace is technical cashmere company from Vancouver, Canada. The LuluLemon family stepped aside with a figurative bucket of cold Canadian cash in their pockets and decided to elevate and update. They wanted to take the helm of the athletic and leisure market and add some luxe. The luxe of course being a soupçon of cashmere in every bite!


When illustrating Marlon Brando in Motion one wants to remain true to Brando and also free to ‘bust a move’ if you will. Kit + Ace is just the ticket for freeform walking, and Brando impersonation.


So they let me wild in the shop before it opened (Very Nicole Richie crica a super long time ago) and let me select an outfit that fit my manly curves and accented my tiny bald co-star. Well… Star.


So from the bottom up: The Commuter Joggers are here, and the Too The Edge Crew here, The Blazer Bomber is here, and the Parade Tassel Blanket is here– All available at the Converse Chucks are from Converse and the WATCH is a super gift from AVI-8 (like aviate). The one they generously gave me is the Flyboy with a brass mesh band. It’s automatic too! Batteries are for TV remotes and vibrators- NOT WATCHES!


We captured the Marlon Brando in Motion look and it was flawless. Though we could not dream of ever being half as sexy as Brando on his worst day- we gave it the old college try. And Fussie is a high-key cashmere- savage, so there’s that.



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