Mrs. Doubtfire Style Vibe
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Mrs. Doubtfire Style Vibe

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to look chic and just end up looking like Mrs. Doubtfire- or rather Mrs. Doubtfire Style Vibe?


Here’s the thing- love me some Mrs. Doubtfire, might have been Robin’s best work, but when directly abutted to Gucci’s new/young 70s’ glam-sex-moring after-leading back into night-then the inevitable #AboutLastNight- relentless chic, one is left floundering. What a mouth full. That’s what he said- and full circle to sexy Gucci.


BJs aside, I wanted to take advantage of the tropical hammock (look it up, its the technical word for a tropical hardwood forest) colors. The greens, my God the greens! It had a vintage 1970s Warren Beatty feel of it it. Fun fact, the song You’re So Vein is about Warren Beatty. Needless to say, I was not going for a Mrs. Doubtfire style vibe.


So what does one wear? A fair mix of cheap and expensive and then a dab of odd. The gentleman’s blouse is, in fact, a ladies is blouse from the Halliburton of the fashion industry: Zara (apparently I’m feeling political today). The trousers are from Thom Browne; the blazer is an old L.L. Bean number, and the murdered-out Birkenstocks are by Birkenstock. The bag is from a company called Kate Spade, and the sunglasses are semi dark Tom Ford. And the watch, as usual, is a Cartier Santos.


This post was a journey! Filled with research, so much research! And it took an almost hunter-gather spirit to assemble. I was without Fuss, no pretending to have him along. He was safe up north while I went to visit mother at her private heritage in the Florida Keys (Don’t Forget Your Keys- as the tourism boards slogan). It was filled with mangroves and migrants, the perfect place to relax and explore my inner Mrs. Doubtfire style vibe. does not in any way support the sub-human treatment of migrant workers- he is pron to making poor taste jokes.



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