Jaws Style: A Retrospective
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Jaws Style: A Retrospective

I know, I know- Another classic movie celebrated by Fuss and me but this one deserves it! Jaws Style: A Retrospective sees a  bespoke’ly fitted  shark suit by Simply Sphynx… Then Polette eyewear fitted me out with these specially made shades for the shoot so Jaw Style: A Retrospective was really a forgone conclusion.


If you thought it was safe to go in the water, just conjure up the theme song from Jaws and think again. This film has terrified generations of people going into the water. In fact, I bet it has terrified generations of people about water altogether. Can you imagine? If that giant fuck was coming at you? I mean Shark Week is scary enough but Jaws was unstoppable! Spoiler Alert: It took a shot to a diving tank in his mouth to take him out.


Next there’s the whole Richard Dreyfus thing. First thing I noticed when rewatching this film was that everyone kept calling him ‘young man’ and ‘kid’. It’s my understanding that Richard Dreyfus has never been young. Even when he was 28 years old when he made the film he still looked forty. But I digress, he looked pretty ruggedly chic inspite of it all. Not too much of anything. Just weather worn basics.

5So for Jaws Style: A Retrospective, We knew we could be quite literal. The shirt is from a company called H2H- it’s a Korean brand, and means Have-T0-Have. That being said, it’s a great washed out pink and a perfect cotton linen. *Suggestion, when you’re buying linen, get a cotton blend, it’s usually more comfortable and stays crisp longer.

2The washed out denim shirt, this is from my old friend Ralph Lauren, its from the RL collection and I’ve had it forever. #Staple. The jeans are from Cheap Monday- just your run of the mill women’s jeggings, easy and comfortable. The sneaks are from YMC, I popped out the laces to mute the pattern a bit. The bag is from Prada and can bee seen here.

I few notes from our sponsors: If you like the glasses, hit me up in the comments and they’re yours! It’s Fussie giveaway. The shark suit is available at Simply Sphynx, as mentioned above. They have other amazing stuff too. Fussie LOVES his pieces from SS especially since Airie always pops in a few catnip infused wool balls for him to bat around. Thanks to all who helped with Jaws Style: A Retrospective!


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