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Hustler’s Highway- The Story of a Male Escort

There come’s a time when every boy needs to lower his prices and start to think about where he’s going to sleep tonight- on Hustler’s Highway- The Story of a Male Escort. What could be more perfect to capture the romance of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road mixed with Gus Van Sant’s  My Own Private Idaho than a sun-parched Florida highway? Nothing is the answer to that difficult question.



So what should one wear for this adventure? First off they should steal their mother’s Chanel blazer and squeeze into it, don’t worry if you stretch the shit out of it. I expect to be in big trouble for that some day. Then you need a small clutch, a low-key gentleman’s clutch if you will. For this, we went with a Louis Vuitton patchwork job.


From there we went on the cheap. The jeans are from K-Mart (I’ll buy clothes where ever I am, It’s a sickness) The t-shirt is from the Denver airport. I got it having no idea who Peyton Manning was. Apparently he is a religious zealot and the MVP of the whole NFL or something to that degree and maybe a sexual predator (but I don’t believe this rumor). Also, the murdered out Birkenstocks are from Birkenstock. Perfect for a boy his feet all day.


While researching hookers for Hustler’s Highway-The Story of a Male Escort, I came across and incredibly interesting character. His name is Josh Brandon, and he is the highest paid rentboy in the biz. He commands upwards of $3k a night! (Click here for rates and availability) But he also has a charity for battered hookers, has a surcharge for flights over 3 hours, and accepts bitcoin. Hooker’ing is not what it used to be, Brandon has turned himself into a huge business and even offers a gift card! “I have VIP cards—kind of like Starbucks,” says Brandon in a 2014 interview with VICE.


Remember the first rule of Hustler’s Highway- The Story of a Male Escort, at sundown lower your prices and remember- a warm bed is always just one John away!


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