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We’re traveling for the holidays today and we have a few tips for looking good, but not too good, so as to remain comfortable.  If my parents, who are still alive, saw me wearing sweatpants in public, they would roll over in their graves, but that’s a generational thing. Thanks to our hip-hop forefathers sweatpants are perfectly acceptable out-of-doors in this day and age. After all in elasticated waistband and ankle are needed for sitting for long periods of time.

6Traveling in the year 2015 is difficult enough, whether it’s the TSA, the pushing and shoving in the train station, or simply having to take a bus somewhere the odds are stacked against you, even if you’re in first class! In any of the primary means of conveyance, expect to be treated like a cattel at the abattoir.

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You know how they say that drunk drivers never get injured in accidents because they naturally go limp during impact? Use roughly the same concept here, but with your soul while traveling. Start the day utterly defeated, give up all sense of fairness and dignity as you know you will be stripped of it when they find so much is 201 mL of lube in your bag.

God forbid you’re traveling with exquisite rare breed cat! The atrocities poor Fuss suffers should be investigated by The Hague. It’s not just the poking and prodding it’s the screams of horror and comments like, from other passengers like, “is your dog on chemo?” or, “what the hell is that!?” Actually this is the only point where I take exception to point out the rudeness of strangers in public. If you see us in an airport or train station and you’re not entirely sure what Fuss is-keep your fucking mouth shut! He is a prince among cats!!!1The clothes! From the bottom up, the booties are from Rachael Comey (See similar here by Tod’s) The sweatpants are from Diesel and the sweater is from Acne (see similar here by Viktor & Rolf). The white oxford shirt is from Jil Sander and has a lovely covered placket, perfect for doubling as a formal shirt. The vest is from Christoper Raeburn (see this great alternative from Luigi Borrelli Napoli here) and the Bag is from Liberty’s of London. The sunglasses are Ralph Lauren and headphones are from Beats wireless.

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So our advice for traveling is the same advice we would give a divorced woman in her 50s- keep your head down and pack on the pounds.

-Much love safe travels!!

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