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Fuss and I recently had some extra time on our hands and found it the perfect opportunity for a quick get-away. The only question that remained was…to where? MOSCOW!
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Fuss, ever so astutely, reminded me I hadn’t worn my baby seal fur coat in a while. He had a point…and thus it was decided—we were getting ourselves out of the city and the coat was the first thing to be packed.

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Since the coat was more or less dictating where we could go, our choices quickly narrowed…

Now, I’ve personally spent a fair amount of time in Moscow over the last several years (pre-Fuss), and for many reasons really wanted Fuss to finally see it for himself. For one thing, his political views are in line with Russia’s version of democracy, and for another, his sweet little cat face naturally rests at grump. Ergo, I anticipated we would blend seamlessly into the melancholy crowds of Moscow. It was settled—off to Russia we went!

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When visiting Moscow I tend to keep my overnight stays on the cheap; as the only difference between a five-star and a two-star is the bill. Fuss and I found a little hotel in the Arbat district, where we were greeted in Russian by a babushka, whom aggressively gestured us toward a filthy little room full of big charm. It was a perfect alcove for us to wander in and out of, capturing the real Moscow experience!

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My Russian accent is good enough to get us into all the museums and sites without the “tourist surcharge.” This is great for the bottom-line, even though these days the value of the ruble is back down to literally nothing…again.

Now to the clothes. Starting from the ground up: the boots are Dirk Bikkembergs, available here. The man-leggings are from Porsche Design Sport by Adidas M Warm Run available here. The sweater is Pierre Balmain, available here, and the aforementioned baby seal fur coat is from Florence’s Pitti Vintage fair. The scarf is Erdem and the fox trapper hat is from the much celebrated, and remarkably exclusive, Macy’s Fur Vault. The clutch is from Liberty’s of London and Fuss’s hat is by Simply Sphynx (Made in the good ol’ US of A).

After taking in the sights and the bitter, bitter cold, we were very happy….to leave. Leaving—some may argue—is the best part of going to Russia. With that said, we did indeed take in much of what the country has to offer, including enough borsch and rabbit pelmeni to last us a lifetime.

From Russia with love,


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    Great photos! You guys clearly fit right in…

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