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Majestic Marni

The third installment in mono-brand series is Majestic Marni. Marni has been the darling of the fashion industry since its inception, and it’s easy to see why, it’s smart, it’s cool in a geeky way, and every quirky piece is something you’ll have for a lifetime.








We can trace back the exact moment that we fell in love with Marni, But we suspect that it was while studying at St. Martin’s in London that we first caught the bug. But unlike meningitis this is not a virus in need of immunization it’s a virus in need of some nurturing support.

While in university, we did an internship at British Vogue. The fashion director of British Vogue, Lucinda Chambers, is the creative director of Marni and probably the coolest person we’ve had the pleasure of interning for. She’s all the best parts of quirky British fashion including, but not limited to, more is more, color is not to be feared, and the combination of a pattern and embellishment is a celebration.

We studied Lucinda Chambers like a book. Everything she wore, the way that she styled and the way that you researched all aid in creating the most intelligent luxury brand available. So, at the risk of creating a pathetic love fest- this is a brand, we wholeheartedly support.

We were finally ready to do Majestic Marni when we got the blue lurex socks. Starting from the top is a violet and black, leopard patterned, cashmere sweater set came as a lucky surprise when mother visited us in London and took us to Brown’s on South Molton Street. The oversized trousers are, from the Barney’s warehouse sale, are pleated in the front and cropped to create a nerdy look that says, “We’re proud to be smart or smart adjacent!” The tote bag was a gift from Fuss to me last Christmas before I left for Russia. I suspect it was a joke because it made me stand out like a sore thumb. The beaver fur scarf was the perfect addition to an icy winter in Moscow from Moscow’s TSUM dept. store. The shoes are Marni classics with an extra thick sole for hiking in the city; God only knows where we got them, Net-a-Porter? And the extra thin belt we got with the trousers, again Barney’s. We don’t like to lift styling from the runway, but we wanted to execute the look to its greatest capability.

Majestic Marni is another labor of love, in the spirit of the brand we hope to look smart irregaurdless of the truth (little joke, get it?). Have a look here to see prior mono-brand stories

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