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2 in the Pink: Part 2

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On a tropical holiday, one feels behooved to wear pink. As we have an existing history with 2 in the Pink Part 1, this is Part 2.

For this holiday we went to the Viceroy in St. Lucia to take in some sea and sun, and it was lovely. Nestled between two pitons is a little slice of heaven and international heritage site called Sugar Beach. The entire island is as lush and green as a virgin’s fruit. Every single tropical plant and bird under the sun collides with Dutch colonial architecture and sets the romance meter to charming and beyond.

The island was once home to the renowned eccentric Lord Glenconner of Scotland, who was rumored to have brought an elephant with him when he arrived in hopes of adding that extra touch of exoticism to the Island. The elephant didn’t last the week. But the elephant’s handler became Lord Glenconnor’s manservant for the rest of his life and inherited the whole Glenconnor estate upon his death. #cray

We choose to have breakfast in the old dining room the view from the central lawn an entirely symmetrically, mature lily pond on the top terraced lawn. Not surprisingly, these gardens could be equally at home Oxfordshire as in the South Caribbean. They (the British) have a thing about leaving their little reminders that they were there. #LilyPond-NotIndigenous

To get into the mind of the surrounds, one has two options, all white and clean –or- simply chameleon oneself to the colors around them. We chose the ladder and birthed: 2 in the Pink: Part 2.

Our pink cashmere cable knit sweater is from J.Crew and monogrammed no less; the grandeur continues with pink or maybe buff, cotton chinos from Vineyard Vines. The shoes are an exciting acquisition; dusty rose Gucci horse bits. #Chic-4-eva And the head scarf is a cotton job from Thomas Pink. #PunDelightfullyIntended

We seem to keep collecting pink. It just catches our eye on the reg. Stay tuned for 2 in the Pink: Part 3!!

P.S. The grandness of the above writing is a testament to how easily we are influenced by our surroundings. #Suggestible


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