I Want to Believe
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I Want to Believe

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I Want to Believe

Or shall we clarify, we do believe. For a number of reasons going past the basic, infinite universe, and the second earth NASA found 1.4k light years away, and the all that gloriously top secret nonsense at Area 51, but really one needs to look no further than Fussie himself to see if there are aliens out there. Also, as Fuss illustrates daily, they are god damn handsome!

We scouted a New Mexico-ish, sun-parched wasteland and set about embodying the charming whimsy of a traditional UFO hunter. And not a glamorous UFO hunter like Dave Duchovny as Mulder, or the collective cast of Mars Attacks, but one a little more authentic. We hate to refer to anything as ‘authentic’ as its reductive to anything not the stereotype, but there you are, an authentic alien hunter.

So what makes an authentic alien hunter one might ask? For one thing, the alien itself, and as the editor of this eponymous blog looks the part, he takes center stage. Then there is the Comme Des Garcons Play t-shirt. Is it a limited edition ‘I Want To Believe’ CDG Play tee? Or is it from Urban Outfitters with a patch we got in Korea Town stitched on? I want to believe… that it’s CDG

Moving along swiftly to the massive Gucci flairs with all kind of madness happening with their construction. Looks like the pattern maker was performing an alien autopsy. LOL? But the side seams wraps around to the center fronts, the fly is totally off center, they cover my belly button in places. Also the Gucci label is on the left external hip. We sound like Scully!

And the slides are Adidas world cup editions from Germany. Do we actually love soccer and support Germany? I want to believe. No, genuinely it was between these and Brazil, and honestly we feel Brazil is a little obvious.

SO! Keep looking up at the night sky. And be afraid, because if they have the technology to get here, they are probably looking to colonize. Its like Stephen Hawking said, “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”

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