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Bridge Troll

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This post, Bridge Troll, was inspired by one of our favorite films of all time! the Norwegian thriller, Troll Hunter. The film is based on, as all the best films are, student filmmakers on a quest to myth-bust. To that end they travel to the north of Norway to meet a real life troll hunter. They find that he is part of secret sect of the Norwegian government, which is responsible for eradicating trolls from Norway. It just keeps getting better from there.

Little known fact, bridge trolls are indigenous to the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Luckily, we live near the bridge so this was an organic move to shoot there. And, if Fuss seems a little nervous, it’s because he is legitimately terrified of bridge trolls.

All of this begged the question, what does one wear to ignite the feeling of mythological monsters? It has to be something timeless. Like, actually timeless, not something that was cool in the 20s and is suddenly seams retro/current. Something that would look right 200 years ago and tomorrow, enter Margaret Howell.

This is when a rarely appropriate linen trench comes in use. While technically a women’s garment, I think all Howell fans know these lines are oft’ blurred. To sit along with the trench, is a collarless shirt from Saint Laurent, brushed cotton trousers from Joseph Homme and the sandals are Margaret Howell classic unisex peep toes. We also grabbed the MCM ‘Big Apple Cognac Pouch’ as Fuss loves to hide out in it. And the glasses are Stella McCartney optics.

As any decent person knows, trolls in general cannot come out during the day and they really hate Christians, so… be careful if that’s relevant.

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